T-Tech Tattoo Device Inc. is a hybrid-based supply company. Having been founded by an engineer, the company prides itself on making unique innovative designs of tattoo supplies. T-Tech fully designs, patents and distributes its own products. In order to maintain a higher bar of standard, there are several features that you can expect from our products:

  • All available products are made with medical grade materials – plastic, silicone bands, stainless steel
  • All stainless steel is Type 304 and 316
  • All of the disposable items are EO sterilized prior to packaging
  • All of the disposable items are individually packed with easy to read sterilization labels
  • All cartridges come in a pack of 20
  • All grips come packaged with two drive bars
  • There are over 60 configurations of T-Tech tattoo needle cartridges available to order

If you would like to learn about the products in more detail, please download our white papers or simply read them in your browser: